Patrick Arminio

¡Hello there! I'm Patrick, a Swiss-Italian living in London.

I'm currently mainly working on Strawberry 🍓, a modern Python library for GraphQL. I'm a huge fan of GraphQL and also a Python user for more than 10 years now, so I'm super excited to contribute to the GraphQL ecosystem in Python.

I'm also the Chair of Python Italia, the association that organises events around Python in Italy, I'm currently working on the new website for the conference with some friends.

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Build a production ready GraphQL API using Python
Patrick Arminio

This workshop will teach you how to create a production ready GraphQL API using Python and Strawberry. We will be using using Django as our framework of choice, but most of the concept will be applicable to other frameworks too.

We'll learn how GraphQL works under the hood, and how we can leverage type hints to create end to end type safe GraphQL queries.

We'll also learn how to authenticate users when using GraphQL and how to make sure our APIs are performant.

If we have enough time we'll take a look at doing realtime APIs using GraphQL subscriptions and how to use GraphQL with frontend frameworks such as React.