Creating of really multilingual Django project
09-23, 14:50–15:40 (Europe/Lisbon), Workshops

Check all milestones of multilinguale Project in 60 min.

In this workshop, i take a own Django-TOF opensource project and create small Really Multilang Project, how it should be, to avoid problem in future.

  1. Starting a multilingual Django project. What we should not forget.
  2. Static translated texts of the project. What's wrong with i18n.
  3. Problems with Automatic Translation.
  4. Why translatable dynamic content will not translate properly.
  5. Why not existing Django/Python multilingual solutions?

23 Years in software development, 8 years with Django.
Programming languages stack: RISC Assembly Language, C, ASP, VB/VBA, PHP, HTML/CSS, VueJS/NuxtJS, Python
Probably, i have the best knowledge in raw Django in Russian community.
I live in Austria in Tirol. I am also Alpine Ski and x-cross-country Instructor.

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