Why would anyone use Snowflake as a backend for Django?
09-23, 16:00–16:30 (Europe/Lisbon), Auditorium

The natural backend for Django is an OLTP database (MySQL, PostgreSQL), but a growing number of people and companies insist on having a mainly OLAP backend for Django (like Snowflake) . This is a talk on why and the remarkable progress so far.

In this talk we are going to review the progress on making Snowflake a worthy backend for Django:

  • Review of community and customer demand for a Snowflake backend for Django.
  • Review of the multiple independent implementations created.
  • Overview of the corporate-sponsored open-source development that Cedar Cares sponsored Tim Graham (Django Fellow 2014-2019) to develop.
  • Review of the Snowflake architecture, upcoming features, and how it matches the Django roadmap.
  • Forward looking opportunities for the Django community and Snowflake.

Video: https://youtu.be/1n_umQuGCEI

Felipe Hoffa is Snowflake’s Data Cloud Advocate since 2020. Previously he was at Google, as a Developer Advocate on Data Analytics for BigQuery, after joining as a Software Engineer. He moved from Chile to San Francisco in 2011. His goal is to inspire developers and data scientists around the world to analyze and understand their data in ways they never could never before. You can find him on social media (@felipehoffa, LinkedIn), elsewhere around the web (YouTube, Reddit, StackOverflow, …), and conferences around the world.

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