Demystifying Modern JavaScript using Vue.js
09-21, 16:55–17:45 (Europe/Lisbon), Workshops

Learn about modern JavaScript through a practical example. We will build a Vue.js application from scratch: a note taking app for DjangoCon. This will give us some much needed context to help us learn about modern JavaScript, its ecosystem, the frontend frameworks and more.

The workshop is about building a Vue.js application from scratch: a note taking app for DjangoCon.

You will learn about the basics of:
- Modern JavaScript
- its ecosystem, and common tooling
- frontend frameworks (on the example of Vue.js): why they are useful and when to use them

We will build a Vue.js app and cover:
- Tooling
- Data binding/Reactivity
- Templates
- Components
- Fetching and sending data

Given the short duration of the workshop, we will cover basics and won't get a chance to dive deep.

The main goal of the workshop is for you to walk away confident in being able to explore and work with modern JavaScript / frontend frameworks.

This workshop is intended for developers with little or no JavaScript experience (especially with modern JavaScript). Some JavaScript knowledge is welcome, but not necessary at all.
If you have a lot of experience with frontend frameworks, this workshop is probably not for you.

If you're attending, please take a look at the Github repo and make sure you have Node 14.18+ or 16+ installed.

I am a DSF Board member, a consultant and a full stack web engineer with a passion for user experience. I'm most proficient in Django, Python, and JavaScript, Vue and React. I always strive for elegant code and excellent products, and deeply care about users, coworkers, and the community.

When I’m not coding, I enjoy spending time with my SO and our 2 kids, and my favorite pastime is playing board games with my friends.