Run your tests in hundreds of different environments fast. I mean really fast.
09-23, 11:15–11:45 (Europe/Lisbon), Auditorium

As a Python library author, how do you ensure interoperability with every Python (and Django) version? In this talk, learn how to run your test suite in hundreds of different environments as fast as possible using Pytest, Tox, and GitHub actions.

The Sentry SDK has to work in basically every Python environment imaginable. From Python 2.7 and Django 1.8 onward, including alternative implementations like PyPy. (And besides Django the SDK supports over fifteen other Python frameworks) Altogether our test suite has to run in a couple of hundred environments.

As the test suite and environments grew our test suite slowed down. When it took 35-40 minutes to run the test suite we knew:

Things had to change. So we rolled up our sleeves and set out to improve our test suite and make it run in under 10 minutes.

In this talk, I will present to you our journey. Everything we learned about Pytest, Tox, and GitHub actions to make your test suite run as fast as possible.


Been a Django Freelancer for over 15 years. Organizer of the Django Meetup Vienna for over 10 years. Since 2022 Senior Software Engineer at Sentry maintaining the Python SDK