Keynote: What should you have to worry about
09-22, 09:05–10:05 (Europe/Lisbon), Auditorium

As a Django developer, there are things you need to worry about. Keeping up to date with Django trends and best practices is one thing, but what about all the other parts of technology that are incessantly advertised towards you? What should you have to worry about?

This keynote will explore some recent popular trends in open source software and development, and assess their relevance to a Django developer. There may be some things that you may want to try out, but there's a difference between learning more for expanding your knowledge, and things that you must do.

While trends are always changing, this keynote will focus on three main pillars: architecture, software, and community.

You will come away with a shortlist of things that will be of relevance to you in 2022, and as future trends appear, give you tools to help you identify what you should have to worry about.


Katie (@glasnt) has worn many different hats over the years. She has been a software developer for many languages, systems administrator for multiple operating systems, and speaker on many different topics.

She has been a Director of the Django Software Foundation, organised PyCon Australia and DjangoCon Australia, and was a recipient of the O'Reilly Open Source Award in 2017.

With an eclectic background covering far closer two decades in the technology industry than she'd care to admit, she's currently a Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google Cloud, focused on helping Django and Python developers with their managed infrastructure.

When she’s not changing the world, she enjoys cooking, making tapestries, and seeing just how well various application stacks handle emoji.