Handling Django in highly concurrent & scale environment
09-23, 11:50–12:20 (Europe/Lisbon), Auditorium

Django is very good for getting things started & get going, but when it gets thrown into a highly concurrent & high scale environment then real issues start coming up, and you are often left with your head-scratching as to what is happening & how to deal with it; this talk will discuss some of the issues around concurrency & scale in Django & how did we handle it.

In this talk, we'll discuss some of the issues that we(@SquadStack) faced when handling Django in a highly concurrent & scalable environment & how did we handle it to the point which satisfied our requirements. This talk will be highly practical in the sense that the presenter will present real-world examples & issues that will come by it and then we'll move towards some of the ideas we can explore to mitigate those issues.

Some of the ideas we'll explore:-

a) How Django .save() can cause issues in highly concurrent environment.

b) How Django admin's native search might cause issues in high scaling environment & how to deal with it(hint plugging in ES for search might not be the only solution, there are cheaper ways available)

c) How to change DB schema at a scale where DB is not the only problem but how do you deal with cached objects.

d) How to do faster count for Django Admin pages

e) etc...

The solutions presented in the talk might not be perfect but they just seem to work, and might be worth trying.

Video: https://youtu.be/ed3-wfDsEXA

I’m currently working as Engineering Manager at SquadStack, I’ve been here since 5 years and have seen the team and processes grow from 3 member engineering team to a now ~50 people engineering team. Being the early member of the engineering team, I got to experience a fair share of challenges and make a lot of mistakes along the way and that’s why I wanted to share those learnings so that other people don’t make those same mistakes and the community keeps on growing :D.

More about me? I’ve recently made a step into management and till now(12 months in) I’m liking it; make no mistake it is stressful but rewarding also(in its own way). I love solving people, process & product challenges. When not working I can found reading books, or playing some strategic games like Catan or Chess.