What’s happening and what do I do about it?
09-23, 12:10–13:00 (Europe/Lisbon), Workshops

In this fun and interactive workshop you’ll identify your Top Two Values and how they simplify EVERYTHING.

“What do I do?” is an assessment we make 1000x a day.

When your top values are clear, your options are, too.

Once you understand why things drive you the way they do, you take the wheel.

You can suddenly diagnose:

  • Why your day doesn’t feel great.
  • Why things aren’t working.
  • Why you’re not getting back what you put in.
  • Why you’re not feeling satisfied, even when you’ve done all the things.
  • What’s happening.
  • Now what?
  • What leap to take.
  • What decision feels right.
  • How to handle things.

It’s a super power you can apply to any situation.

In this session, you’ll identify:

  • Your top two personal values
  • How to use creativity to get clarity
  • How to quickly make decisions that create impact

If you feel professionally or personally unsatisfied, want more ease around decisions, or are searching for ways to create impact – this session is for you.

Join Certified Executive + Founder Coach & Master Workshop Facilitator Angela Parker for this unique session that will help you get clear and will inspire you to take action.

Angela Parker is a Certified Executive Coach & Master Workshop Facilitator who teaches founders, leaders, and entrepreneurs how to heal, lead, and scale with ease.

She designs and facilitates impactful in-person and on-line workshops, masterminds, and experiences for leaders and teams.

Angela founded the largest outdoor fitness program in Santa Monica, California. In 2018 she sold it to focus full-time on coaching leaders and facilitating workshops internationally. She’s known for her empathy, intuition, directness, humor, and ability to thread the most impactful details into all her sessions.

Angela splits her time between Los Angeles, Chicago, Japan, and a tiny village in the Italian Alps.