09-22, 12:25–12:55 (Europe/Lisbon), Auditorium

We have a lot of great tools to help us develop Django applications, from tests to the Debug Toolbar. But what happens once you deploy your code to production? In this talk we will go through the options and best practices to make your production environment as friendly as possible.

Observability is a massive buzzword, let's break it down and see what you need in order to sleep well with code in production. Let's start with the low hanging fruit and work up from there:

  • Is it working? (uptime monitoring)
  • What is it doing? (logging)
  • How is it doing? (metrics)
  • How is it doing it? (APM)
  • What just happened? (Gathering errors)

We will close up with Tips & Tricks to get the most out of your new observability setup.

Video: https://youtu.be/n_OPN1dH0sM

Honza is a Python programmer and Django developer – since he is scared of the bright and shiny world of browsers, designers, and users he prefers to stay buried deep in the infrastructure code and just provides others with tools to do the actual site-building.

He spent 8 years at Elastic, the company behind Elastisearch and is now the CTO of a new startup aiming to improve people's time in meetings.