This list of individuals is still growing. Nonetheless, these are our sincerest alphabetical thanks to everyone who have made contributions to this conference thus far:

  • Ana Cunha
  • Andreia Vaz
  • António Gil Machado
  • Bia Rodrigues
  • Carlos Rebelo
  • Daisy
  • David Vaz
  • Fernanda Cerqueira
  • Frederico Rodrigues
  • Joana Soares
  • João Pires
  • João Polónia
  • Markus Holtermann
  • Mário Barbosa
  • Miguel Magalhães
  • Murilo Rosa
  • Telmo Guerra
  • Victor Duarte

In addition, the wonderful speakers, our amazing sponsors, the fantastic Django Software Foundation members, and to everyone who bought a ticket.